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Content audit

(if the you already have content)


  • Performance Analysis: Evaluating the current effectiveness of the blog in terms of engagement, traffic, and conversions to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Quick Fixes: Identifying immediate areas of improvement to enhance the blog’s visibility and user experience, such as broken links, outdated information, or SEO optimizations.

  • Growth Opportunities: Pinpointing potential areas for expansion or enhancement, leveraging existing content to maximize reach, engagement, and overall impact.


Customer research and competitive analysis


  • User Insights: Delving deep into understanding the product’s users, their preferences, and challenges, ensuring that the content resonates and addresses their specific needs.

  • Best Customer Profiling: Identifying and studying the characteristics of the most loyal and valuable customers to tailor content that appeals directly to similar potential customers.

  • Competitive Gap Analysis: Scrutinizing competitors’ content strategies to discover overlooked topics or angles, allowing us to create unique and compelling content that stands out in the market.

Content strategy


  • Goal Alignment: Ensuring that the content strategy directly supports and progresses towards the set objectives, whether they are related to engagement, conversions, or brand awareness.

  • Content Blueprint: Detailing the specific types of content to be produced, from blog posts to videos, ensuring a diverse and engaging mix that caters to the target audience’s preferences.

  • Optimization and Scheduling: Defining a consistent posting schedule and integrating SEO best practices and other optimization techniques to maximize reach, drive organic traffic, and enhance brand prominence.

Content production


  • Product Integration: We smoothly incorporate product details into our content, helping readers easily understand its benefits and importance.

  • Conversion Focus: Crafting compelling calls-to-action and persuasive narratives that not only engage readers but also guide them down the sales funnel, turning them into leads and ultimately, loyal customers.

Content optimization


  • Data-Driven Improvements: Regularly analyzing performance metrics to identify areas of improvement, followed by testing and implementing effective changes to boost conversion rates.

  • On-Page SEO Mastery: Employing best practices in keyword research, meta descriptions, and internal linking to ensure content is finely tuned for search engine algorithms.

  • SERP Dominance: Focusing on strategies that elevate content visibility on search engine results pages, especially on major platforms like Google, to capture a larger share of organic traffic.



Our values

„He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW„. We believe that knowledge is the right choice. That’s why we create easy-to-understand content that motivate our community of passionate learners.

Our content inspires action, and in this way, companies sell more. Also, it pushes boundaries by making businesses give more, their clients learn more, and visionaries innovate more.

20% of the words and phrases create 80% of the content value, quality, and lead generation. We’ve invented an entirely new mechanism of writing that prioritizes your audience and builds trust.

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